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Passionate Writer Publishing is proud to announce the launch of PWP Romance! Though we’ve always published romance we thought it time to highlight this special category which transcends time. PWP Romance encompasses all things Romance to include erotic romance, young adult romance, paranormal and urban romance. For submissions please follow the submission guidelines.

Author Spotlight

 Meet one of our newest authors!

Melissa D. Ellis has spent the majority of her life focusing on music until she was sideswiped with the unexpected passion for writing.

Born February 12, 1977, she spent her early years in Hoopeston, Illinois. Her father was in news print and her mother was a dedicated full-time stay at home mom. By the age of 5, they moved south to Murfreesboro, TN and then relocated permanently to Crossville, TN when she was in Junior High.

The oldest of three girls, Melissa was very active in music and theater throughout high school, which paved the way for her to study the arts further in college - at Roane State Community College and then onto Tennessee Technological University.

An avid fan of horror and the supernatural, Melissa incorporates her dark and crafty stories with her current and past experiences, creating a realistic fusion of "other world" meets our world.
A full time author as well as musician, Melissa continues to make her home in the beautiful south (Tennessee) with her amazing two boys, Aidan and Ethan, their chocolate-mutt, Virgil, and black cat named Shadow (short for Shadow Shifter).


With an uncontrollable temper and a flare for the dramatics, sixteen-year-old Julie Taylor has landed herself in summer school after a very public and humiliating outburst. There, she meets her striking but mysterious next door neighbor, Broderick Cooper, and despite her determination to distance herself from him, she can’t deny the tenacious draw she feels toward him. More and more, their paths continue to cross until they become completely entwined with one another.

As Julie swiftly becomes consumed with not only Broderick’s love but also his supernatural gifts, an unprecedented evil punches its way into their quiet little town, bringing Hell on Earth! One close brush with danger, and a terrifying chain of events begin to unfold that will forever change Julie’s life as it opens her eyes to a sinister world that walks within her own….

Waiting for her in the darkest of shadows – Evil incarnate as legendary as fairy tales.


Award Winning Authors

  Readers Favorite is a nationally known reviewer and award contest provider. In 2012 PWP had two winners in a contest of over 200+ contestants. The author were honored at the Miami Book Fair.      



Single, Black, and Government Owned is the explosive follow up to O. Keeys's critically acclaimed memoir, Rise and Fall of a Track Star. After walking away from a rising track career Omegia joins the military and leaves her son at home with her family. For nearly thirteen years she balances being a single parent, dating, and her commitment to Uncle Sam. Single, Black, and Government Owned is an up close and personal view into the life of a woman overcoming the challenges of being a victim of sexual assault. This memoir takes you on an emotional roller coaster ride and will leave you feeling liberated.


In The Ghost of Atlanta, Andy Michael Pilgrim faces demons from his youth that haunted his life. These are the ghosts in the crawl spaces of his life; some are real and some supernatural. After landing a job with The Atlanta Defender, Andy returns home and visits the place where he finally faces remembrances of his deceased abusive father. While walking around the grounds, he meets his mysterious cousin, Joe Boy, and finds out that the property is going to be sold by unscrupulous cousins. While Andy fights this battle, he must confront the personal demon of a possible drug addiction, breaking the color barrier at the south's largest newspaper, The Atlanta Defender, meeting his old girl friend and fighting the lingering effects of segregation in small-town Georgia life. As the story unwinds, all these forces push Andy toward the breaking point, where he almost quits on life. Malevolent mortal deeds are committed and Andy could be next in line.


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